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Are ALL Flours Created Equal?

Are all flours created equal? No, but are all flours necessary for baking? Yes. Flour is a powdery substance that remains after grinding various raw grains, beans, roots, nuts, or seeds. Flour is a staple food ingredient found in most foods such as bread, cereal, pasta, cakes, and desserts. Flour is also used as a thickening agent in gravy and stews. Flour is an essential ingredient for savory cooking and for baking sweet desserts. Most cakes, cookies, and some cheesecake recipes call for flour as the main ingredient. Now that we understand how vital flour is to cooking and baking, the question remains, are all flour created equal. In baking, particularly flours are not created equal because there approximately ten different types of flour that can be used in baking recipes. These are:

  1. All-Purpose Flour

  2. Cake Flour

  3. Pastry Flour

  4. Bread Flour

  5. Self-Rising Flour

  6. Whole Wheat Flour

  7. White Whole Wheat Flour

  8. Gluten-Free Flour

  9. Almond Flour

  10. 00 Flour

For March, we will be exploring flour, the different types, and their purposes in baking. We will pay particular attention to All-Purpose, Cake, Pastry, and Gluten-Free Flours, so stay tuned and follow us on the blog at and on FB and IG at cakesbyaneisha to learn more about flour.

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