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Butter Substitutions in Baking!

So this week, we will be tackling the ugly word called "INFLATION!" It does not matter who you are and what you believe in; inflation affects us all. No one is exempt. If you're wondering what inflation is, it is when the cost of everyday items and goods rises or goes up in price, which ultimately lowers or lessens your buying power. It sucks because although costs are rising, your income isn't. While many things can be blamed for inflation, such as changes in weather, economic recovery, chain supply disruptions, international discord, etc. Well, if you're like me you have a family to feed and support and a business to run and must be strategic and often creative in navigating through these challenging times.


As a baker, the increased dairy prices have left me breathless; in fact, I almost fainted at the grocery store while paying over $7 for 2 bars of cream cheese. I had an order for two dozen cupcakes and could not find cream cheese anywhere, so I had no choice. Now, I move differently to prevent these things from occurring again. So, what do we do with empty shelves, increased food costs, and a Pandemic? I have decided to dedicate the following three blogs to address this and hopefully provide some solutions to these challenges that we all face. This first blog, posted on the 1st day of March, will give some ingredients that may be used as substitutions for butter in baking. Keep in mind all substitutions may NOT work for all desserts. It is recommended that you read your recipes first to see if the author offers substitutions, use the substitution you think would work best, and do a test or trial run. Test, Test, Test is the name of the game. But again, I believe we must be creative and flexible to WIN in these times. Until next week! Happy Baking!

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