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Cake Slices and Serving Sizes

One of the main driving factors in creating a custom cake quote is the number of servings the cake needs to yield or serve. Of course, other factors, such as time, labor, experience, design and cake flavor, fillings, cake finishes, and the like, may affect the price. Traditionally, custom cakes are cut into what I refer to as "blocks" instead of the traditional "wedge" slice we use when cutting cakes at home. In most cases, custom cakes not cut according to these cutting requirements will not yield the desired servings. So, it is essential to have a cutting guide or a professional who understands how to cut custom cakes- cut your cake.


Per the industry standard, there are categories of cake slices: the "wedding" slice and the "celebration or party" slice. The names of those categories are self-explanatory. The most significant difference between the two are size. Remember, these slices are cut in "blocks"; therefore, a wedding slice typically measures 1"x 2"x height of the tier. If you ever had a piece of cake at a wedding reception, you understand or can at least visualize the size of the slice. In contrast, the party or celebration slices measure 1.5"x2"x height or 2"x2"x height of the tier, double the size of the wedding slice. If you are visual like me, I have included a picture of these slices for your reference and review. I hope this sweet and short post has given you a better understanding of the types of servings slices and, more importantly, the serving size. If you found value in this blog, please let us know and tune in on Tuesdays for the next Tip Tuesday. Until next time!

Be Blessed!


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