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Can cakes be frozen?

The short answer is yes! I've noticed that since the Covid 19 pandemic, more customers have inquired because events such as birthday parties and holiday celebrations attendees have drastically reduced in size. Hence, consumers want to be assured that if they purchase a standard size cake, it can be reserved for future consumption, which is understandable. While most cakes freeze beautifully, you must take some steps to ensure maximum freshness.

So, here are a few tips for freezing cakes without having the awful freezer taste!

1. Cut cake into slices

2. Wrap each portion in quality plastic wrap

3. Wrap each plastic wrap slice in aluminum foil

4. Store double wrapped portions in a freezer zip lock bag and date

5. Triple-sealed cakes store well for up to 3 months, but who am I kidding? Our cakes never stay around that long 😜

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