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Cocoa Bombs are all the Rave!

Cocoa Bombs are the latest Sweet treat trend that has taken off and literally exploded! So, what are they, you might ask? Cocoa bombs are chocolate spheres filled with an instant hot cocoa mix that, when placed in a mug and submerged in hot milk, creates chocolate infused hot cocoa for your drinking pleasure. Cocoa bombs are delicious and can make for a great family activity.

The sky is the limit when making cocoa bombs, as I have seen marshmallows, chocolate morsels, peppermints, caramel, dried fruit such as dehydrated strawberries or your favorite flavoring or extract to enhance the flavor. The beauty is truly in the creativity which adds an element of surprise to each cocoa bomb you make. Cocoa Bombs make great gifts and can be sold for extra income, again the possibilities are limitless with this trend. Now that you've heard how awesome cocoa bombs are it's time to get to the recipe for making cocoa bombs. But, before we get started, here are the items you will need to create these chocolate balls of heaven!

Items Needed:

  1. Melted chocolate (I prefer Ghirardelli)

  2. Sphere mold

  3. Cocoa Mix

  4. Marshmallows are any additional ingredients to fill the chocolate spheres.

  5. Refrigeration (not necessary)

  6. A warm skillet


  1. Melt chocolate in a microwave, pour melted chocolate in sphere mold, making sure the sphere's entire interior is generously coated with chocolate.

  2. Pour off excess chocolate from mold and refrigerate for 5-10 minutes until firm.

  3. Carefully unmold the two chocolate spheres and fill one sphere with instant hot cocoa mix.

  4. Lightly warm the edge of the empty chocolate sphere with a skillet and adhere the two chocolate spheres together.

  5. Clean up seams and decorate with additional chocolate, sprinkles, and any other edible adornments.

Now all that needed is hot milk and a mug! Enjoy!


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