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Sprinkles make everything everything better!

This week's blog focuses on using sprinkles a.k.a jimmies to beautify your homemade desserts taking them from sad to fab in seconds.

Samuel Born, the creator of Just Born candy company (creator of Peeps, Mike and Ike's, and Hot Tamales). In the 1930s one of his employees James Bartholemew, known as "jimmy", operated the machine that created the colorful sugary spectacle. Over the years the name has evolved to what we know as sprinkles (Lahr, 2021)

Sprinkles are made from sugar, corn syrup, cornstarch, a little food-grade wax and now come in a variety of colors. It's their brightness and little sugary burst that makes them exciting and inviting. I was first introduced to "jimmies" as a young child who would anticipate the ringing of the icecream truck that would go around the streets if Philadelphia. Those bells were music to my ear as I prepared my tastebuds for a vanilla cone with sprinkles. The more the better!

Nowadays, sprinkles can not only be found in ice cream parlors but also donut shops and bakeries. Bakeries used this sprinkles to jazz up delicacies like cupcakes, cookies and cakes which increases eye appeal. There is now a huge market for sprinkles as manufacturers are now making them in different shapes, themes, colors and flavors.

For the home Baker this is also exciting allowing homemade treats to look like they came straight from a bakery. Sprinkles can be purchased online, at craft stores and supermarkets therefore making them very accessible. As promised here are some additional treats that sprinkles can be used for/in/on to up your baking game.

  1. In Cookie dough

  2. Doughnuts

  3. Cupcakes toppings

  4. Inside cupcake batters

  5. Cake pops

  6. Caramel popcorn toppings

  7. Doughnuts toppings

  8. Cookie toppings

  9. Inside cake batter

  10. Cake toppings

  11. Ice cream

  12. Chocolate covered pretzels

  13. Rice crispy treats

  14. Milkshakes

  15. Chocolate covered strawberries

As you can see the choices are endless and most importantly an inexpensive option to take your desserts from sad to fab.

Until next time!

Happy Baking my Friends💞


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