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To Sift or Not too Sift.......

So, the question that we are challenging on this weeks blog is whether or not sifting your dry ingredients (flour, leavening agents, etc.) is a necessary step in baking your sweets and treat products.

As a baker for over 10 years, I personally never shift my dry products before baking my cakes, cupcakes and cookies. I do however, use a whisk to combine the dry ingredients together prior to adding it to my mix. I don't use a separate bowl but rather whisk the ingredients together within the measuring cup holding the flour.

While, I do not participate in this practice I do however, understand the purpose and added value that shifting could bring to your desserts. Some of these benefits of shifting your dry mixture include:

  1. It breaks up lumps that sometimes exist in un-sifted flour

  2. It creates lightness and provides more aeration to the overall batter

  3. It creates a more tender crumb in cakes and desserts

  4. It also improves measurement accuracy for your recipes

Nevertheless, whichever you decide or choose to do, always be sure to follow the recipe instructions and steps to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Until this next time!

Happy Baking


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