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Unsalted vs Salted Butter in Baking


It's Tip Tuesday! Unsalted vs. Salted Butter! Does it matter in baking?.... yes! I have probably baked thousands of cakes so far in my ten years of baking cakes, and about 95% of the cakes and desserts that I create all call for butter, while the remaining 5% call for oil.

There remains great debate about which fat is better in baking, but it honestly depends on what you are baking. I love the flavor and richness that butter yields in recipes. If I had to choose a con, it would most likely be that butter, when chilled, becomes firm, and so the same things apply to refrigerated cakes. It is always best to bring a cake to room temperature before serving to achieve maximum tenderness. So, now back to the topic at hand- salted or unsalted that is the question.

Unsalted butter is churned cream, yielding a sweet cream flavor while, salted butter is churned cream with salt added, producing a saltier taste. Salt acts as a preservative, therefore, having a longer shelf life. So, unsalted butter is most likely the fresher option.

The amount of salt in salted butter is not regulated; therefore, all salted butter is not equal. Most cake recipes call for unsalted butter but can be substituted with salted butter as long as you omit any additional salt in the recipe. Salted butter is fantastic in cooking, but my preference is unsalted for baking! Happy baking, my friends 😍


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